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Students interested should call or write for more detailed information and the complete enrollment application. A signed copy of the student enrollment agreement must be sent to the Montana School of Taxidermy with a

  • $500 deposit to cover the Commercial Taxidermy course
  • $250 to cover the tanning course, if the student elects to take the tanning course only, and
  • $250 for the Advanced Habitat class if the student elects to take the course separately.

Students who take the commercial Taxidermy course need not pay a deposit on the Tanning or Advanced Habitat courses.

If you call us, we'll be glad to give you the personal attention you deserve. Or, email us at

Graduate with the skills you need!



We encourage our students to enroll two weeks prior to class starting dates, however we will accept enrollment right up to the starting dates of each class so long as spots are available. Housing through our motel is always available.


Students are encouraged to attend all classes, however we understand that unforeseen circumstances can happen due to illness and personal problems. We allow our students to stay extra Monday and Tuesday nights after class to get caught up. If a student simply misses too many days to get caught up we will allow them to enroll in our next available class.


Students that demonstrate a poor attitude, tardiness, poor conduct, poor attendance, and an unwillingness to share and assist other students will be issued a verbal/written warning. If an agreement cannot be reached on their proper conduct the student will be expelled. Possible reentrance into the course will be determined on an individual basis and the instructor has the sole discretion to determine that! Very few students have ever been expelled, but it has happened.


Skills acquired from previous training will be assessed by the instructor. Inspection of work previously done at other schools along with a thorough explanation of the procedures involved in the category the student wants credit for will be evaluated and credit applied if deemed acceptable.


  1. Student must be at least 17 years of age. In the case of a minor, parent or guardian consent is required and a personal interview by institute personnel is necessary.

  2. Students must be able to read and write English; if not, they must bring an interpreter.

  3. Students must have reasonable manual dexterity.

  4. Students must have normal eyesight.

  5. Students must have normal color vision.


Standard tuition for the full course is $4,900, which includes incidental supplies and all paints.


The remaining balance of $4,400 is due at the end of the first week of classes. Supply bills and costs of specimens purchased form the Montana School of Taxidermy are due each Friday after being issued to the student. A price list is available for purchase of specimens. All amounts owned by the student are to be paid in full prior to graduation.


Students are responsible for all specimens (such as fish, birds, and game animals) plus the materials used in taxidermy procedures. These items include manikins, glass eyes, bondo, construction materials for fish and bird mounting, base materials, airbrush kit, tanning and shipping fees. Students can bring their own specimens or purchase them from the school.


Housing can be arranged through the Montana School of Taxidermy. Currently, motel rates are approximately $1,000 per month. Refrigerators and microwaves are supplied for each room. Weekly room service and continental breakfast are provided. If a student wishes to arrange his or her own housing, the student should arrive prior to pre-registration. Two KOA campgrounds are located in Helena. Rates run up to $500 per month.

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